Flu Vaccines Prove 50 Percent Effective

World sales of adult vaccines exceeded $11.5 billion in 2016, up 6% from the prior year.

Preliminary figures suggest the vaccine is 48 percent effective.

There is still time to get a flu shot. The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) reminds everyone that influenza vaccine is the most important preventive measure against the flu. The vaccine's estimated effectiveness against the influenza B virus was 73%. "You should get your flu vaccine because it does take 10 days to two weeks for maximum protection". Flu vaccines are combination vaccines, protecting against three and sometimes four different flu strains.

'And I think that strengthens the message for people to still get vaccinated'.

Fishman said the new report focuses only on patients seen in outpatient offices.

Clinics in Arkansas are experiencing a high level of flu and flu-like illnesses in the state, which is consistent with the high level of flu being seen throughout the country. "There are no flu vaccine shortages across OH and it is available at most healthcare providers' offices, local health departments and retail pharmacies". "You might as well put a gun to their head and pull the trigger". In the meantime, we support the people who are working in laboratories to make an even better influenza vaccine, which we hope will be available a few years down the road, ' he told CNN. "Influenza is a serious illness", he said.

The quadrivalent flu vaccines protect against the same strains as the trivalent vaccine, as well as an extra influenza B virus. "The good news is that this year's vaccine seems to be a good match for the flu strains that are circulating". Those change every year and predictions are not flawless.

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US health officials say the flu vaccine seems to be working pretty well this season.

The flu shot is an inactivated influenza virus. "I think that will happen".

This effectiveness is almost on par with that seen in last year's shot. During the 2014-2015 season, effectiveness was just 19%, according to the CDC.

Therefore, fresh flu vaccine cocktails are needed each year.

Earlier in the season, there were several respiratory viruses, including flu, making people sick.

According to the CDC, much of the country, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania, is now experiencing high levels of influenza-like illness.

But the researchers also found this shot may be more effective in some age groups than others. There have been 20 pediatric deaths reported so far this season.

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