Justin Bieber Caught On Camera Getting Angry At Alleged Assault Victim

Justin's a suspect in an alleged battery that went down at a pre-Grammy party at Serafina restaurant in L.A., after Dean Parker fired up his camera and recorded Justin fake fighting with Kyle Massey.

Indie singer Casey Dienel is suing Justin for allegedly using portions of her song "Ring for the Bell" in his 2015 hit "Sorry", and the deposition was scheduled to take place on the afternoon of February 8 in Santa Monica.

According to law enforcement sources, per TMZ, the alleged confrontation between Bieber and his unnamed victim went down at approximately 2 a.m. Saturday insider the Los Angeles Italian restaurant, Serafina.

A Las Vegas man who says Justin Bieber assaulted him in Cleveland eight months ago has filed a police report about the fracas. When the staff member wasn't totally compliant -and some other people at the party started recording the confrontation - Bieber allegedly lunged at the guy. When someone began filming the pretend fight, Justin requested the person stop recording and delete the footage. The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department arrived at the scene, but it was too late as Justin had already left the restaurant.

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TMZ reported that Bieber was caught up in a scuffle with the restaurant's staff - but Serafina denied the report.

"We always have pleasant experiences with Mr Bieber whenever he comes to Serafina".

The alleged victim is not pursuing charges but authorities are moving forward with an investigation.

  • Carlos Nash