Trump answered a question on anti-Semitism by bragging about his election win

In a Thursday news conference called to discuss the announcement of new secretary of labor nominee Alexander Acosta, President Donald Trump was asked about the rise in anti-Semitic incidents in the United States throughout his 2016 election campaign and following his victory. Number one, I am the least anti-Semitic person you have seen in your entire life. "Number two, racism. The least racist person".

During the Netanyahu conference, however, a reporter pressed Trump on comments with racist tones uttered during the campaign, asking the president what he had to say "to those among the Jewish community in the states and Israel and maybe around the world who believe and feel that your administration is playing with xenophobia and maybe racist tones?" "Let me tell you something, that I hate the charge, I find it repulsive, because people that know me - and you heard Prime Minister Netanyahu yesterday". "You see, he said he was going to ask a simple, easy question". "You know that, right?" he asked Netanyahu. On Twitter, the Anti-Defamation League - an organization devoted to combating anti-Semitic hate crimes and other hate-based violence - called Trump's remarks "troubling". And it was something that was very important to me.

He went on to insist anti-Semitism was coming from his political opponents, who were doing it to generate anger: "Some of the signs you'll see are not put up by the people that love or live Donald Trump". We're talking about a rise in anti-Semitism around the country.

Yet an accusation of personal anti-Semitism was all that Trump seemed to hear from Turx. As Vox's Yochi Dreazen later wrote, "Donald Trump is openly trafficking in the types of anti-Semitic slurs that have been used to justify the hatred of Jews for decades". You don't think anybody would do a thing like that.

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At the tail end of his 96-minute press conference earlier today, an agitated Donald Trump, visibly rattled after a bombardment of tough Russian Federation and national security-related inquiries, craved the solace of an easy question from an admiring questioner. They'll do signs and they'll do drawings that are inappropriate. "It will be people on the other side to anger people like you". "This is highly regretful and I'm going to seek clarification".

"As far as people, Jewish people - so many friends, a daughter who happens to be here right now, a son-in-law, and three handsome grandchildren", he said.

"Instead of answering a timely and legitimate question, the president chose instead to besmirch the journalist", Harris wrote. The Anti-Defamation League wasn't satisfied with Trump's response today, tweeting, "Troubling that @POTUS failed to condemn real issue of anti-Semitism in United States today".

  • Adam Floyd