Pokemon Go Finally Adds Generation 2 Spawns

The update will add more than 80 new Pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver.

The update will also add other game features, the company announced Wednesday.

Either way, it's certainly welcome news that Niantic has finally got round to releasing a big update for the game, that will hopefully reignite interest. The Pinap Berry can double the amount of candy earned from catching a Pokemon if the next ball thrown brings a successful catch; the Nanab Berry can slow the wild Pokemon's movement. These seem to apply specifically to Johto region Pokemon, including Gen I Pokemon that can evolve into Gen II Pokemon, like Onyx and Scyther.

Remember how back in the days, Pokemon fans were obsessed with trading their cards?

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A promotional video for the new Pokemon also shows the game being played in more remote areas such as forests and up mountains, suggesting the tracking mechanics have been improved, as well as populating more areas with Pokemon instead of city centres. Some of these will require new evolution items that can be found at Pokestops.

Along with these new Pokemon, Niantic will also be expanding the possible encounters in the game to include entirely new reactions from creatures you are attempting to catch.

Some babies from Gen 2 had made their way in the game a while back through an event, but not legitimate Gen 2 Pokemon has been previously available in-game. As well as this, there'll be gender-specific variations on certain Pokemon and there'll be new evolutions for Pokemon as well. Customize your look with a whole new selection of hats, shirts, pants, and other items.

  • Toni Ryan