Without citing specifics, Trump vows to keep costs down on border wall

The cost put forth in the DHS report is much higher than estimates by Trump and GOP congressional leaders, including House Speaker Paul RyanPaul RyanThe world is safer because of the Iran deal.

A U.S. Department of Homeland Security internal report has estimated the cost of President Trump's infamous border wall - and it's much more higher than the figure he mentioned during his presidential campaign.

And the leaked estimate doesn't account for big land masses like mountains, which could drive the cost up even further.

The document also revealed that the USA government has begun to coordinate with existing contractors, plan for steel purchases and seek waivers for environmental laws.

Mexico's leading diplomats flew to Washington, D.C.to confer with Secretary Rex Tillerson of the State Department and Secretary John Kelly, Department of Homeland Security. The report assumes funding would be granted by April or May, and that construction could commence in September.

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This border wall, if built (at US taxpayer expense), will probably have a lot in common with the 600 miles of barriers along the southern border already built under the 2006 Secure Fence Act. The 26-mile stretch will be part of Phase 1.

Trump has said that Mexico should pay United States taxpayers back for the wall, however the Mexican government has insisted it will not pay. This wall could interfere with the water flow, and if it did, it would obstruct water flow from both sides of the border.

In the meanwhile, a White House spokeswoman has said that it would be "premature" to comment on a report that has not officially been presented to the President. Trump has also discussed the possibility of reducing the cost of the new Air Force One Airplane with Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg.

Trump reaffirmed his commitment to building the wall on Wednesday, telling a meeting of law enforcement officials from the country's largest cities that he's already gotten to work on the project. After winning election, Trump changed his position: USA taxpayers would pay up front for the wall, and Mexico would reimburse us (somehow) on the back end.

"This gives us as estimate of what that would be, and it gives us an idea of where they want to start first", he said.

  • Alfonso Moody