Pittsburgh Public Schools students protest confirmation of US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

The narrowness of DeVos's Senate confirmation - settled by an historic tie-breaking vote by Vice President Pence - suggests that including a scholarship tax credit in the fast-track tax-reform bill may be an easier and quicker path to a Trump victory on 50-state school choice than a spending-side approach subject to the normal tortured budgetary process.

During an overnight show of opposition, Colorado Democratic Senator Michael Bennet called DeVos' nomination "an insult" to students, families, teachers and others working to improve the nation's public schools.

The Republican National Convention in Cleveland previous year hammered out what's been called the "most conservative platform" in history. But, I don't think this is over.

Importantly, if the Trump administration is going to go through all of the trouble of getting school choice through, it needs to make sure that the plan is bold enough to be worth the political capital expended.

"You are professionals whom I respect". This doesn't set well with many Democrats who openly support abortion, same-sex marriage and are against so-called "discrimination" by those who oppose such immoral activity.

She later acknowledged "I may have confused it" and said in a letter to one senator that she is "committed to enforcing all federal laws and protecting the hard won rights of students with disabilities".

In this scenario, the public school system would lose the funding but would not be able to reduce staff because the students would come from a variety of grades, Stanley said.

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Workshop student Kelly Hoffer said she views education as a basic human right, and she is not convinced DeVos would look out for the best interests of disenfranchised students. The secretary now must work to ensure that she listens to Americans from every state, and that her actions represent their expectations for protecting and strengthening public education. But the U.S. Supreme Court in the 2002 case of Zelman v. Simmons-Harris ruled it didn't violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. Only about 6% of students in rural areas attend private schools. Critics say the ban is unconstitutional and amounts to religious discrimination.

"This is a sad day for anyone who cares about public education in America".

DeVos will have a much greater task convincing the broader education community that she will leave a positive impact on the industry. She will now lead a department entrusted with nurturing public education while she has actively campaigned for its destruction.

"Next year I'll have my first public high school teaching job, and I am still really excited about it despite this monstrous mistake being posted as our head of the Department of Ed", biologist and science teacher Allie Sherman, from Marin County, California, said. Test scores for reading and maths in four-fifths of the state's charter schools are below the state average. Of that amount, federal spending amounted to more than $57 billion. The GOP points out that more money doesn't equal better performance.

They profess their support for alternative education as way of producing quality education by increased competition and development of teaching methods.

"When we do disagree, let us set an example by being sincere and honest, but passionate but civil, while never losing sight of our shared mission".

There has been a lot of misinformation circulated about Betsy DeVos, and I appreciate the chance to set the record straight.

  • Carlos Nash