Protesters block Betsy DeVos from entering DC school

DeVos faced intense criticism during her confirmation process that she knew little about the public school system she had been appointed to oversee, having spent her career focused exclusively on charter and private schools.

Now former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who served under President Obama, is coming to her defense.

She may be a billionaire now in charge of the U.S.

But by 11:30 am, DeVos had returned to the school and even the DC Mayor had weighed in on the incident This bears repeating: Protest - peaceful protest - is fine but we do not condone violence towards anyone. DeVos is doing that quite well on her own.

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DeVos was at the Jefferson Middle School Academy in Southwest Washington at about 10.00am., according to the Washington Post. It was surreal, she said, to know she was coming to visit. "And I still do have some reservations about her really as the result of the confirmation hearings".

The Jefferson Academy isn't the only place responding strongly in opposition to DeVos's confirmation - many parents across the nation are now considering homeschooling their children in the hopes of avoiding the damage DeVos will no doubt cause. "We look forward to informing the Secretary about our colleges and ensuring she understands the value community colleges bring to America". Others call it "mob rule".

We have many subscription options to fit your needs. In fact, she's built her political "career" - if you can qualify her family's donations of around $200 million to the Republican Party a career - by advocating for charter schools and school choice in MI. "It's time for all politicians to stop using quality schools as photo ops and to really invest in neighborhood public schools". Then the public, thinking our public schools were about to be burned to the earth while she danced around them, chipped in with thousands, maybe millions, of concerned emails, it was revealed by numerically confident senators of the Democratic persuasion.

DeVos appeared flustered by the anger of the protesters, but chose not to engage with them.

  • Alfonso Moody