Massive adoption of Facebook's Lite version

In March previous year, Facebook has said that Lite crossed 100 million monthly active users globally. FB Lite is created to work on 2G networks and areas with slow or unstable connections, and it helps users save money by using less data.

Today it is being launched in four additional countries: Israel, Italy, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates, and we hope to roll out in more countries soon. Facebook has also found that people who use Facebook Lite tend to share phones, so it has provided an easier way to log on and off their accounts in this new update. The app is compatible with smartphones running at least Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but it doesn't have some features that regular Facebook users might enjoy.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook to tell the world that its light version of its social network app, Facebook Lite, has reached 200 million monthly active users globally. Over the years, it has been updated with features that bring it closer to the main app without compromising on the data saving ability. For example, you can now like, comment, and share posts. Tzach Hadar, Product Manager at Facebook, says, "The engineers working on this project need to consider users with low-quality Internet connections and limited data packages, but also make sure the experience is great, regardless of where they connect".

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"FB Lite is helping business owners grow and reach customers on mobile even when bandwidth is at a minimum", Sandberg said in a new post.

The tech world saw the birth of Facebook Lite in June 2015. While Free Basics failed to impress the government authorities and regulators, the Facebook Lite appears to have struck the right chords. The company plans to continue the rollout to more nations.

  • Toni Ryan