Missouri governor signs right to work law

Teamsters and their allies representing workers throughout Missouri fought for several years against right to work as it was repeatedly introduced in the legislature.

"For too long in the state of Missouri, for too long people bowed down to intimidation, they bowed down to powerful union bosses who acted to protect their own interests instead of protecting the interest of Missouri workers", Greitens said.

Eric Greitens was inaugurated in January, it opened the floodgates for GOP-backed bills dealing with unions that faced vetoes under his Democratic predecessor, Jay Nixon.

"This bill will silence the teachers who advocate on behalf of smaller class sizes for our children, the transportation employees who negotiate for the equipment they need to keep the roads clear after a blizzard and the police and firefighters who negotiate for the staffing levels they need to keep us safe", the New Hampshire union said.

Greitens, at his final event of the day, acknowledged the opposition that last week descended on the Capitol and his office with pleas for him not to sign the measure. Folks at today's bill signing don't want it in Missouri.

"We must come together, tighten our belts, be smart and wise with our tax dollars, and work our way out of this hole by bringing more jobs with higher pay to the people of Missouri", Greitens said in the letter.

State Republican Rep. Stephen Schmidt, chairman of the House labor committee, said some Republicans are not supporting the bill.

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It's one of three signing ceremonies, including others in Poplar Bluff and Jefferson City.

Greitens campaigned with the promise to sign right-to-work legislation if lawmakers approved it.

The right-to-work law ends the requirement of workers in unionized workplaces to join a union, basically killing the idea of a closed shop or union shop.

"When you factor in cost-of-living, workers make about 4 percent more in right-to-work states than they are in forced unionism states", Vernuccio said.

Unions say right-to-work drives down wages as it weakens their bargaining power, but Vernuccio said the opposite is true for local workers.

IL is now surrounded by Right-To-Work states.

  • Alfonso Moody