In London, Netanyahu calls for new sanctions on Iran

Ahead of his talks with British Prime Minister Theresa May, Netanyahu said other nations should follow new U.S. President Donald Trump's imposition of sanctions against Iran following a ballistic missile test.

Departing for London on Sunday, Netanyahu stressed that the danger of Iran, which recently conducted ballistic missile test firings in violation of us sanctions, would be at the forefront of his discussion with May.

"Iran seeks to annihilate Israel", Netanyahu stressed.

Rival activists clashed along Whitehall as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Theresa May in Downing Street, London, on Monday afternoon (6 February). I think other nations should follow soon, certainly responsible nations.

"I think that the most important thing at the moment is that countries like the United States, which will take the lead, Israel and the UK line up together against Iran's aggression and set clear limits to it".

Netanyahu vehemently opposes the 2015 worldwide agreement that imposed curbs on Tehran's nuclear program in exchange for lifting sanctions. The two leaders are expected to discuss Iran, the war in Syria, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process as well as Israeli-British relations following the Brexit.

Trump's spokesman issued a statement last week regretting the expansion of settlements on the West Bank, but some Israelis interpreted the White House remarks as a softening of opposition to the existing settlements.

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William Bell, Christian Aid's Advocacy Officer for the Middle East said: "Growth in illegal settlements is at record levels so these talks are timely and of utmost importance".

"But also (to put forward) the very clear position that we have taken of needing to pursue a twin-track approach, recognising the right of Israel to live safe from terrorism".

"It undermines still further the prospect of a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, about which the Netanyahu government is increasingly contemptuous".

Mr Netanyahu has said the bad deal will do nothing to halt Iran's nuclear ambitions.

She said she believed there was "much more we can do" and that it was important to look at how the future relationship could grow.

The launch was the first test of the fledgling Trump administration's policy on Iran and it has escalated frictions between the two nations.

Mrs May was under pressure to raise the issue of Israeli settlement building on occupied Palestinian land, something Britain has long opposed.

  • Adam Floyd