Trump imposes fresh sanctions over Iran's ballistic missile test

Today the Treasury Department announced 13 people and 12 companies have been added to the Iran sanctions list.

Some of those affected are based in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and China.

The sanctions came after Trump's national security advisor said Wednesday that the USA was "officially putting Iran on notice" for the missile test in a display of toughness by the Trump administration, which has heavily denounced the nuclear deal the previous administration of Barack Obama concluded with Tehran.

On Wednesday, National Security Advisor Michael Flynn commented on the missile test, saying that Iran is now officially "on notice", a vague statement interpreted by some in other countries as a threat.

"Iran has been formally PUT ON NOTICE for firing a ballistic missile".

A fiery statement from Trump's national security adviser, Michael Flynn, marked some of the most aggressive rhetoric by the administration that took office on January 20, making clear that Obama's less confrontational approach toward Iran was over.

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"Right now we really paved the way for them after year seven or eight to obtain the ability to quickly make a nuclear weapon with no breakout time so I think this is just the beginning", he said.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif reacted to Trump's tweets February 3, tweeting, "Iran [is] unmoved by threats as we derive security from our people". The U.S. says it was a medium-range ballistic missile, and an American defense official described it as failing re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere. "Not me!", Trump had tweeted.

Mr Trump said during his election campaign that he would stop Iran's missile program.

According to unnamed sources, Trump is preparing to roll out new measures against 25 Iranian entities and individuals, the sources said.

The White House did not take kindly this week to reports that Iran tested a ballistic missile over the weekend. While the tests do not contravene the nuclear accord signed in 2015, they are seen by some nations as going against a UN Security Council resolution that enshrines the agreement.

"The president was quite forward-leaning in advance of the nuclear deal even being completed in acknowledging that we know that Iran supports terrorism".

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