'Resist' Banner Unfurled Blocks From White House

Greenpeace protesters have climbed a 270ft construction crane streets from the White House and unfurled a massive orange and yellow banner featuring the word "resist".

The protesters, who the environmental activist group Greenpeace USA reported were members of its organization, climbed the 270-foot-tall crane Wednesday morning. "These individuals are charged with second degree burglary, unlawful entry and destruction of property", a police statement said.

Police cordoned off the area and were waiting at the bottom of the crane for the demonstrators to come down. Construction work had to be stopped at the site. New offices are under construction at the site for Fannie Mae, according to the Post.

The banner encouraging opposition to President Donald Trump's agenda was clearly visible from the grounds of the White House for several hours on Wednesday.

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At last week's inauguration of President Trump, protesters were present in large numbers throughout the city, particularly near Franklin Square, where some windows of businesses were smashed and a limousine was set on fire.

"MPD respects everyone's right to protest, however, today's actions are extremely unsafe and unlawful", police said in a statement.

Glover says the protesters believed to be associated with Greenpeace told police they're conducting a First Amendment action.

  • Toni Ryan