Could Google I/O 2017 tickets be mysterious competition's grand prize?

"There were definitely a few growing pains, but Google will hopefully have a new system in place this year to avoid the long lines for both seeing panels and getting food". Like previous year, the event will be held at a large concert venue at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California (near Google's headquarter) over the course of three days - 17, 18 & 19 May 2017.

Google, after some delay, has finally revealed the dates and venue for the annual developer event this year. Google's Developers Twitter account has tweeted out a mysterious message that suggests developers might have a shot at winning something big. The GitHub page contained five puzzles that, when solved, confirmed the details. An then there is a third and a fourth puzzle that reveal locations, in Warsaw, Poland, and Thailand. All of this was figured out by a Discord channel dedicated to solving the puzzle - so props to them for figuring it out. The next step was to assign the resulting country names to positions on a chess board and manipulate latter values as per the cryptic instructions. Fortunately, the official website of Google I / O 2017 is already active, so we assume that in a short time we will get new information about the event. On the software front, however, we saw Nougat being unveiled previous year so there is a high chance that the next OS, which shall be abbreviated as Google O may also be previewed.

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This isn't totally uncharacteristic for Google - the company often sends out programming challenges and quizzes to give developers a chance to win tickets to Google I/O and other prizes. One of the hints at GitHub also confirms that the I/O 2017 will take place at Google's Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View.

  • Toni Ryan