Stephen Colbert blasts Trump for taking off his first weekend as president

The Colberts made clear, due to intellectual property issues with Viacom and CBS, that the conservative Colbert was not from The Colbert Report; rather, that was his identical brother, Stephen Colbert.

The segment wasn't sentimental, because it suggested that, like so many presidents before him, Obama wasn't without his flaws.

"So for the last time-from me, the real Stephen Colbert", he said, "I just want to say, thanks, Obama".

Stephen Colbert blasts Trump for taking off his first weekend as president

The Late Show chose to revive Stephen Colbert's Colbert Report persona one last time before President Obama left office, and it was the first time the other "Stephen Colbert" had appeared since the Republican National Convention. The right-wing pundit found himself praising the former president, who Colbert-as-Colbert alleged expanded the "killer drone program", spied on American citizens using the NSA, allowed the "Wall Street banks" to get even bigger, and failed to close Guantanamo Bay. Eventually, the second Colbert ran in from the woods to claim the desk. "Obama said he was born in the United States, so we said he wasn't", Colbert said.

"I mean, we had six years to come up with something to replace Obamacare, and the best we've got right now is Paul Ryan going door to door with a tub of Flintstones vitamins", moaned Colbert. "And now I have no idea who that is". "You were a worthy adversary, a leader of vision, patience, dignity, passion, and humanity". And it really felt good fighting for the opposite of all those things. "On behalf of everyone who opposed you, sir, I just wanna say: Please don't go", he said as "At Least Leave Biden!" remained on the screen. "See, I know Obama wanted to be a transformative president, and he was".

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