Orlando Police release aerial video of Markeith Loyd's arrest

Markeith Loyd was arrested Tuesday after a massive manhunt when Clayton was gunned down outside a Wal-Mart in northwest Orlando. He told the presiding judge that he would represent himself in court.

A suspect in a police officer's slaying directed expletive-laced outbursts at a judge during his initial hearing Thursday on charges that he also killed his ex-pregnant girlfriend.

"They tried to hide it from the news". They broke my nose they broke my jaw they did all this s*** said I resisted. "They will sleep better knowing tonight that... this maniac is off the streets". Loyd said he didn't resist police when he was being put in custody. He spent a night at the Orlando Regional Medical Center before being taken to the Orange County jail, where he is now being held without bond.

But at a press conference on Thursday, Orlando Police Chief John Mina said officers exercised "incredible restraint" when they arrested Loyd. "Let's not rush to judgment, let's let the use of force investigation play out".

Officers involved in the arrest are still on full duty, Mina said. Residents of the neighborhood in west Orlando where Loyd was captured said it's not surprising that the arrest didn't come from tips, even though it's a good neighborhood to live in. SWAT team members surrounded the one-story, cinderblock home on Tuesday night.

"The suspect now leaves Sergeant Clayton lying on her back and runs to a two-door vehicle parked in the adjacent row and casually leaves the area", the warrant said.

Orlando police murder suspect Markeith Loyd held without bond went on profanity-laced rant in court.                       Ninth Judicial Circuit
Orlando police murder suspect Markeith Loyd held without bond went on profanity-laced rant in court. Ninth Judicial Circuit

Loyd was holding two handguns and wearing body armor, Mina said.

Markeith Loyd will face several murder charges in the shooting death of an Orlando police officer. Dixon's brother also was shot, but not fatally.

Loyd, 41, was on the run from police since December 13 after he allegedly shot and killed Dixon and injured her brother.

According to local reports, Loyd is alleging that he suffered several broken bones in his face and may lose sight in his left eye as a result of injuries sustained during the arrest. In the video - which was shot from a police chopper above the scene - Loyd is seen crawling away from a house and toward officers by the roadway.

As reported by ClickforOrlando.com, more than seven minutes into the helicopter video, Markeith crawls on his stomach to a group of police.

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