5 things we learned from Nintendo's Fire Emblem Direct

Players will experience an all-new story and do battle on smaller, phone-sized maps while summoning characters from older Fire Emblem titles like Awakening, Fates, and Sacred Stones.

Fire Emblem Heroes brings back the rock-paper-scissors style of gameplay with an updated weapon triangle. Fire Emblem is now bigger than it's ever been, so big it's leaping off of Nintendo's hardware and onto your smartphone. Nintendo says that despite the simple controls, Fire Emblem fans will find the battle intensity they've come to expect from the series.

Fire Emblem Heroes feature strictly 2D art, sprites on the battlefield and lovely illustrated and voiced portraits of characters during down time. "Some familiar hero characters will become allies, while others will become enemy generals and take arms against you". Following news that both Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing would be making their way to mobile devices in the future, Nintendo has now shown off the debut installment of the Fire Emblem series on Android and iOS devices. Luckily, yours truly knows her way around a Fire Emblem game or two (or three ... or more).

5 things we learned from Nintendo's Fire Emblem Direct

Nintendo also revealed Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is headed to the 3DS on May 19. Different units you summon have different magical attributes, even if they're the same character, so you have to balance strengths and weakness. Warriors is also going to be available on new 3DS systems. Interestingly, unlike that title, which started life as an iPhone exclusive, the new Fire Emblem is slated to arrive first on Android, with iOS availability arriving later. Now Nintendo is happy to announce a cadre of titles coming to Nintendo 3DS, mobile, and the Nintendo Switch. In the meantime, fans can vote on which characters should appear.

Switch owners will also get a new official entry in the Fire Emblem series. The game won't be arriving until 2018, and is now just known as Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch.

Furthermore, Fire Emblem will return to home consoles next year as a title will make it to the Switch.

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  • Desiree Holland