Teachers to rally against DeVos, Trump pick for education secretary

Other groups linked to Mrs DeVos' family have previously donated $200,000 in a successful bid to add an anti-gay marriage amendment to the MI ballot, and at least $500,000 to the National Organization for Marriage. "I know she is an educational reformer and that is what education needs". I sincerely hope that Sen.

Central Florida teachers said they are concerned about the agenda that could be set in place by the Trump administration with education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos leading the Department of Education.

In an apparent response to that criticism, DeVos said in her statement, "Every child in America deserves to be in a safe environment that is free from discrimination". Murray, the top Democrat on the panel, complained that the hearing should have been delayed until the Office of Government Ethics sent a letter on DeVos and any agreements she will make to ensure there are no conflicts of interest. Havemen, a former investor who became close to the Prince family, was sentenced in October to more than three years in prison for stealing $16 million from DeVos' mother.

During a January 18 Senate confirmation hearing, Betsy Devos, President-elect Trump's pick for Secretary of Education, took a battery of questions related to her views on gun control, disability laws, and performance standards.

That's why we are asking you to show your love for public schools.

Like voucher programs, opponents may recognize those benefits but fear they come at too steep a cost Critics say the charter system competes with public schools because they draw from the same pot of public funds, hurting the kids attending normal public school.

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"(The Democrats) are making things up to discredit her", he said.

DeVos is a long-time Republican mega donor, a school choice advocate and a zealous believer in faith-based education. She said she wants tax dollars diverted from public schools to schools of choice.

DeVos was questioned by Sen. After Democratic senators confronted her with a long list of unfavorable statistics about the quality of both district and charter schools in Detroit, DeVos insisted that charter schools in Detroit are doing well, especially given the high percentage of Detroit children who live in poverty. Mike Enzi in Wapiti, Wyo., "I would imagine there's probably a gun in the school to protect from potential grizzlies".

While DeVos may lack any professional qualifications, the MI billionaire has doled out massive contributions to Republican politicians and right wing groups.

Some onlookers including teachers around the nation have criticized DeVos for her ideas on public education. So in some ways, she is an "outsider" in the literal sense of the word.

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