Nintendo Switch won't support Optical Audio out

Turns out the Nintendo Switch doesn't have that much storage under the hood, after the hardware specs were dropped, and it recently was discovered that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would eat up nearly half of your internal storage if downloaded to the device. Its price, release date, and launch titles have been confirmed.

Forget everything you know about The Legend of Zelda games.

Fils-Aime further acknowledged, as he's already done in the past, that their previous console, the Wii U, struggled mainly because of the lack of quality titles that came out on a regular basis. The console is everything I wanted it to be. GameStop said in a press release that its "initial allotment" of Switch consoles has been reserved, but that it is "working closely with Nintendo to get additional Nintendo Switch units".

"1,2 Switch" is a game best played with friends. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Nintendo's Switch, as reported by Bloomberg. Even at 720p on mobile, the battery might only last a sad 3 hours according to Nintendo.

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In the past, friend codes were an effort by Nintendo to join the online multiplayer trend while still keeping the children they like to focus on as their preferred audience safe. I don't mind that, as both Sony and Microsoft does this with their consoles. Seriously, Nintendo? Throw your faithful a bigger bone, please.

Low stock/limited stock for the Switch during pre-orders was concerning to say the least, but not surprising at all. "I am probably more bummed about the Master Edition".

It's conceivable that outsider developers will have a few games in store for the release of the console. However, when stored locally the game will take up half the space of the Nintendo Switch's entire HDD, which means many Nintendo gamers will likely be expanding this storage with SDXC cards.

  • Toni Ryan