Huge crocodile trapped by wheelie bin barricade after appearing in Queensland backyard

The animal was initially spotted in the backyard of a Karumba house at around 6am.

A group of alarmed Queenslanders have created a blockade made entirely of wheelie bins after a crocodile was found basking in the front yard of a suburban home.

While millions of Aussie revellers rang in 2017 with friends and family, locals in the far north Queensland town of Karumba were spending New Year's Eve with a 3.5 metre crocodile.

The news was relayed in a joke-ladened emailed media release, sent by Queensland Police media on the morning of New Year's Day, entitled "Now that's a croc, aye Karumba".

Police Sergeant Jim Richards told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that officials plan on taking the to an crocodile farm.

Karumba residents improvise with rubbish bins and hay bins in an attempt to lead a saltwater crocodile back to the water.

The croc found some shade. Image Queensland Police
The croc found some shade. Image Queensland Police

Hay bales were also used to create the makeshift enclosure.

Fears for public safety prompted the officers to trap the croc with hay bales while awaiting the arrival of wildlife experts from Cairns.

He then made the snappy decision to move out to the front gate, where he remained for the rest of the day.

Karumba, on the banks of the Norman river with a population of about 500, is billed as a "fishing Mecca" and the inspiration for the Red Hot Chili Peppers song Animal Bar, named after the local pub.

Crocodiles are a feature of life in north Queensland.

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  • Adam Floyd