2017 may bring a new iPhone

The iPhone 8 is rumored to have plastic curved screens that are based OLED technology. Among them is a standard-size iPhone that flaunts an additional camera. Now, as 2017 is nearly with us, we've got a lot of upgrades that you should be expecting. As soon as the date approaches, more details will be revealed. Take a look below to find out more.

IPhone 8 is presumed to be to be released in September 2017and sold at price tag of £599 in the United Kingdom or an equivalent amount of $735 in the US.

The US tech giant Apple has some big plans for its upcoming flagship smartphone. Check out Pocket-lint's round-up for a collection of all the other rumours we've heard. This might let Apple use a vertical dual camera setup on a 5-inch iPhone, whether it'll be called the iPhone 8 or iPhone 7s. The former will mark a turning point in the lineup's history, with an all new design, build materials, screen and more. It's unclear whether this will extend to the iPhone 7s Plus that's also due in 2017. An interesting launch that we saw from Applethis year was the iPhone SE.

Japanese blog Mac Okatara has reported that Apple could be working on a new 5-inch iPhone model that will feature a new vertical dual-camera system. Well, it appears that a mid-sized iPhone 7s could be unveiled next year, one that will include a 5-inch display.

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Various configurations and specifications are still "under consideration" apparently, but this vertical camera design would help the third iPhone stand out from the other two. The goal for this isn't clear as of yet.

With lackluster iPhone 7 sales this year, Apple really needs a game-changing iPhone to support and sustain the company's growth. iPhone is sole bread earner for the Apple.

According to the reports, Taiwanese suppliers are expecting to receive finalized specification in the first quarter of 2017.

  • Desiree Holland