Super Mario Run Hits 40 Million Downloads In 4 Days

It's only been a matter of days since Nintendo declared that it is not looking to bring on anymore content to the Super Mario Run.

A smartphone displays the start screen of "Super Mario Run" a side-scrolling adventure game featuring Nintendo Co.'s Mario popular Italian mascot on December 16, 2016 in Paris, France. So short that in fact we've had people in our office rescue the princess in just half an hour.

It was bound to happen ever since Shigeru Miyamoto hijacked Apple's MacBook unveiling to announce Super Mario Run for iOS. That would be quite the annoying experience and to help you better imagine it all, Pocket Gamer has hand-crafted a couple of screenshots to illustrate. "In addition, Super Mario Run ranks first in the App Store free game ranking in 140 countries and regions..." It's understandable with "Pokemon Go", which uses your physical location as part of game play.

The problem is that the controls never really gel: there's nearly a stiffness in Mario's jump response. The music is music to the ears of any '80s and '90s Nintendo fan, and yes, you can play with one hand. A hybrid between a 2D, platform game and a never-ending runner, the object of this game remains true to the Mario formula established back in 1985. While Nintendo did release a free game mode called Friendly Run, which lets players compete against each other without the need of tickets or the possibility of earning Toads, the mode is limited and even prevents world 1 players from playing it a couple of times per day.

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Interestingly, the newer generation is also exhibiting a lot of interest in the game and indeed, accounted for most of the spending. I don't mind paying but the fee is a bit big. It's a price tag that may scare away the more cost-conscious casual mobile crowd, and one that, given the dearth and unremarkable nature of the content, I think I'd have a hard time arguing Super Mario Run justifies.

Shares dropped 3.8% in Tokyo, with the firm's stock pushed to a six-week low today. Super Mario Run does not offer in-app purchases, instead requiring users to pay £7.99 to play beyond early levels. Till then, Super Mario is what the gamers need to be happy with.

Nintendo has also added a new mode in "Super Mario Run" which is called "Friendly Run".

  • Toni Ryan