Alec Baldwin reveals how much he's paid to portray Trump on SNL

Alec Baldwin watched hours of Trump rallies and campaign appearances to flawless his Donald Trump impersonation for "SNL".

The New York Times casually revealed Baldwin's pay in a new profile of the actor, following his weekly transformation into the president-elect. "I mean, I like Alec, but his imitation of me is really mean-spirited and not very good".

He learned to mimic Trump's hand gestures and the pauses in his speech, which he says make any impersonation of the president-elect.

However, the biggest revelation from the staunch Democrat's interview was that he only makes $1,400 for each appearance on the show!

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Playing the President-elect on "Saturday Night Live" isn't exactly a high-paying gig.

If you've watched Saturday Night Live anytime in the past few months, you know that Alec Baldwin isn't a fan of Donald Trump - and if you've seen Trump's Twitter the morning after Baldwin's SNL appearances, you know the feeling's mutual. However, as interesting as the technical elements of the impression are, it's Baldwin's execution and feelings about the man he's impersonating that give the piece serious weight. The actor responded to one of Trump's tweets earlier in December, saying that he would cease all impersonations when the president-to-be released his tax returns.

"I do recognize that that is a possibility", Mr. Baldwin stated when discussing the prospect. Prior to her election defeat, Hillary Clinton was played throughout the 2016 cycle by Kate McKinnon, who managed to perfectly capture Clinton's ambition and distaste for Donald Trump, in a series of debate sketches alongside Baldwin.

"Whoever it is, wouldn't it be great to be the person who pulls the sword out of the stone?" he pondered. And in October, before Trump won the presidency, Trump accused "SNL" of a "hit job", and decried, "media rigging election!" Who gets rid of this guy?

  • Toni Ryan