In Latest Copycat Move, Instagram Adds Stickers to Stories

Instagram Stories was updated with fun holiday stickers. This can be added to both photos and videos on the user's story.

That's good news for festive folks, who can find a set of holiday stickers available "for the next few weeks". They also come in two fonts, white or purple, that you swap between by tapping. The vibrant stickers will add that extra punch and pop of color to the story, whereas the subtle stickers will make the video or the photo shine.

Instagram has borrowed so many features from Snapchat that it's not even a surprise anymore.

Facebook Inc's (NASDAQ:FB) owned Instagram will now allow users to add stickers on the posts they make.

Instagram hands free camera lets you record your videos with a single tap.

You can also add more than one line of text and edit it more easily in Instagram stories.

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You simply need to choose or search for your location in order to add such a sticker.

Instagram has already given us so many tools to play around with since Stories premiered in August, with Boomerang video, mentions, and links, but these stickers are really the cherry on top of the social media sundae.

Between 2012 and 2016, Instagram's user base has grown almost 20-fold from 30 million to 600 million, adding 100 million users in just the last six months. But some users are confused about why the option doesn't show up when they snap a photo - can you use Instagram stickers on photos or just your story? Unless, of course, you were to draw on a photo with text and add a sticker to it, then screenshot it from your story and then upload it to your Instagram feed.

With the help of a slider that appears in the Instagram, users can adjust the text size too, including automatic text wrap so that it is not chopped off the sides of screen.

This Instagram update is now being rolled out to both the Android and iOS versions of the app.

  • Toni Ryan