First Local Zika Case Reported in Texas

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There have been 244 cases of locally contracted Zika in Florida since the first case was discovered in the summer. The traps are collected the next day and samples gathered are sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Austin office for identification. "By taking simple measures to eliminate mosquito-friendly environments, we are doing our part to eliminate the Zika virus".

"I am proud to announce that the Little River area has been cleared of any ongoing active transmission of the Zika virus". With her are from left, Raymundo Hernandez, 50, Esmeralda Hernandez, 45 and their son, Franco, 14.

According to Wednesday's alert, since July, at least four babies have been born in New York City with Zika-related symptoms, which can include microcephaly, in which the child's brain is severely underdeveloped.

As of December 2, 8,000 New Yorkers have been tested for Zika, health officials said. Her mother was the one who brought the issue of Zika with Valdez.

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Health officials are testing residents who live in an eight-block area around the homes of those who have the virus, but no additional evidence of transmission has been found.

From the Texas Tribune: The Texas Department of State Health Services and the Cameron County health department announced Friday they've identified four more locally-transmitted cases of Zika in Cameron County. Health officials there confirmed that a 43-year-old Brownsville woman was infected locally.

"Today's news is a reminder that Zika continues to be a threat to pregnant women and their babies", Dr. Mary T. Bassett, city health commissioner, said in a statement. They do not have the Zika virus birth defects commonly associated with the syndrome. Approximately 1 in 5 people infected with the virus shows symptoms.

The newborn whose case was reported by Bassett in July - possibly the first Zika-related birth defect in NY - also had microcephaly. "Those travelers returning from Zika-affected areas are reminded to practice safe sex to help prevent transmission and to use an EPA-approved insect repellent at all times for outdoor activities".

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