Ohio Republicans pass "heartbeat bill": Ban on abortion 6 weeks after conception

That means the bill would effectively ban abortion in the state of Ohio. Kasich already must decide whether to sign the bill that proposes banning abortions at six weeks, or the point at which a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

COLUMBUS, Ohio-The Ohio House on Wednesday passed legislation to block next year's special election to raise Cleveland's minimum wage to $15 per hour.

The Ohio state House of Representatives and Senate both passed legislation on December 6 that bans abortion once a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

Only one step separates House Bill 493, known as the "Heartbeat Bill", from becoming law: Gov. John Kasich's signature.

The backers of the bill have made it clear they want to get a challenge before the U.S. Supreme Court.

"After years of passing anti-abortion laws under the guise of protecting women's health and safety, they lay bare their true motives: to ban abortion in the state of OH", said Dawn Laguens, a spokesperson for the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. The proposal would not exempt pregnancies resulting from rape or incest, but does include an exception for an abortion to save the life of the pregnant woman.

The Ohio General Assembly approved a bill late Tuesday that would all-but-outlaw abortion in the state, sending it to Gov. "Trump has said he'll appoint people who oppose abortion". "We must prevent that from happening to protect women's lives". After the start of the 20th week of gestation, an abortion may not be performed unless a physician determines the fetus does not have a reasonable possibility of living outside the womb.

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As Politico reported, He has required women seeking abortion to first submit to an ultrasound.

With Kasich being the deciding factor of whether abortions are going to be even more strict in OH, it does not seem to favor the pro-choice supporters, as seen by the immediate call to action by opponents.

Pro-life opponents of the bill consider other proposed abortion restrictions more likely to meet court challenges. "I think we have a brand new day here in America and we're going to see a brand new Supreme Court with pro-life justices", Janet Porter, of Faith2Action, told NBC's local OH affiliate.

Ohio's Senate president had previously maintained that the bill was unconstitutional but said the president-elect "changed the dynamic".

Abortion rights groups immediately condemned the measure, including how it was passed: As a last-minute amendment to an unrelated bill. Ohio Right to Life president Mike Gonidakis told Kaiser Health News that he opposes the pro-life "Heartbeat Bill".

"I've been practicing this soundbite for about six years, so allow me to say it now, all glory goes to the God of the Impossible, praise to the name of Jesus".

Despite his solid pro-life record, however, Kasich has in the past questioned whether legislation such as the "heartbeat" measure would be constitutional. The latter provision is a higher standard than the exception for a woman's health included in the 20-weeks bill that passed the Senate a year ago.

  • Adam Floyd