Nick Young nearly blew his hand off with a firework

Per Silver Screen and Roll, the Lakers can pay Young's contract given the salary cap's huge increase but they may still waive or trade him due to locker room issues.

However, some of the players who failed to make a good impression with the Lakers are still questionable to return, including Nick Young. Right before the Lakers signed Timofey Mozgov in the wee hours of the morning, Young should have been on a plane to anywhere but the Lakers.

As if Nick Young's 2016 hasn't been rough enough.

Beat it Nick Young! According to LA Daily News, the Los Angeles Lakers are not giving any disciplinary action for Young's stupidity.

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TMZ claims that the man grabbing the lit firework and holding it over his head while it explodes is Young, and that certainly looks like ol' Swaggy P in the video.

As a professional athlete how stupid can you be?

Nevertheless, Young seems a player who could fit as a ideal backup to LeBron James if Smith opts to go elsewhere. However, he needs to fix some personal issues, including his rift with teammate D'Angelo Russell.

  • Carlos Nash